We combine education and classical agency services in an unmatched way. Our organizational experience is integrated with creative thinking. We provide unique and cost efficient solutions.

  • We are convinced that the level up to which human beings can be developed is infinite.
  • We do respect the knowledge and all creations of Mankind.
  • We do believe that the power gained through being empowered and hence taking responsibility will bring about value.
  • We regard mutually beneficial partnerships as a great value.

Our references

„Infinitum Consulting is our successful partner since 2006 in implementation of empowerment culture and in establishment of CÉH Academy.”

Attila Tóth

„The practice-oriented trainings conducted for the middle managers of maintenance department, sub served the further development of an internationally recognized methodology.”

Tamás Járfás
Head of maintenance department

„With the development and implementation of the Performance Management System as well as with the design and application of matrix-type management, Infinitum created genuine value for us."

László Lukács

„By applying the methods proposed by Infinitum Consulting in recent years we repeatedly achieved breakthrough results in our sales performance.”

Tibor Czigány
Managing director

„With the continuous improvement of our sales managers and the headquarter staff, Kristóf András significantly contributes to the successful operation of D.A.S.”

György Szabó

„Using the Performance Evalutation System, developed by Kristóf András and his team, increased the effectiveness of our company increased.”

dr. Zsigmond Bodnár

„The well customized and high standard management trainings as well as the HR developments of Infinitum Consulting exceeded the expectations both clients and participants.”

dr. Géza Freili

„On the High Impact Presentations trainings, conducted by Kristóf Nóri and András, we learned useful techniques and our self confidence improved a lot.”

Mihály Pallós
Managing director