People centred thinking - Creativity – Flexibility – Accuracy – Cost efficiency


„People don't care about your business. They care about their challenges. Be the solution that they are looking for.” (Melonie Dodaro)
TTL (Through the line)

Campaign planning and execution, ATL and BTL solutions (electronic and print media).

Online marketing

Website design and management, content marketing, SEO, social media, PPC.

PR & Sponsorship

Corporate communications, sponsorship, CSR.

Graphic design and production services

Corporate identity design, ambient and guerilla marketing, DTP and production, commercial and viral videos.

Choose integrated marketing solutions, because:
  • they are based on corporate strategy.
  • unified messages supporting company goals reach consumer in all used media.
  • they are cost-effective due to the balanced selection of used media.
  • the chosen solutions strengthen each other.
  • they are predictable and measureable.
Integrated communication solutions

Today companies operate in a continuously and rapidly changing enviroment. Day by day they face new challenges and are looking for quick and cost efficient solutions. With the technical development and with the growing significance of online advertising, the communication with clients and business partners requires new approaches, constant attention and development. The borders between the different segments of communication have started to disappear, new solutions pop-up every day. It is not easy to keep up with the pace.

Our integrated communication solutions division combines the tools of different segments and turns them into effective and unique solutions, to provide clients with cost efficient market advantage. Thanks to the background of our consultants, strategic thinking is an inherent part of our methodology. Our solutions are creative, fast and are focused on our clients' company goals.

Why are we unique? Because from planning till execution everything is in one hand. All projects are closed with a follow-up and evaluation phase.

Our solutions are developed by using an interactive methodology, in a close cooperation with our clients, where flexibility and time efficiency is a must.